Julia Krause

Who are you and what do you do? Who are your partners?
I am and want to be many things, but first and foremost I am a doctoral student at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and now also a participant at SWC, with the industrial partner DATEV. The topic of my dissertation focuses on requirements engineering as an important part of successful software projects. It is specifically about the development of a method for the creation of high quality requirements specifications, based on a scientific theory-building method.

When did you join the Software Campus and why are you in the program?
My Software Campus project will probably start at the beginning of next year 2021. The programme will help me to advance my doctoral thesis and to strengthen the industrial reference through the industrial partner.

What do you expect from the Software Campus?
I expect that the SWC will be another challenge that will help me to grow and, above all, to learn. Similarly, contact and cooperation with the industry partner, DATEV, is very important to me in order to explore how my work could support the industry.

What is the content of your IT project and how could it be applied in the future?
The core of the project is the development and evaluation of a method for creating high-quality requirements specifications based on a scientific theory-building method. The goal is to help Requirements Engineers (RE) to better channel the flood of information from different sources by describing a step-by-step approach. Thus, even RE’s with less experience can write a better requirements specification. A by-product of the method is the traceability between the requirements created and their origin. Thus, the context of requirements is preserved in the long term and helps for example with maintenance, future decision making or impact analysis.

Do you associate funny/surprising memories with computer science?? What fascinates you about IT?
Yes, the fact that I had not imagined my future to be so deeply involved in IT. I had started to study computer science of media in order to combine something future-proof with design. And then the IT topics fascinated me even more.

Do you think there is “the” quality a top manager has to have today to be successful?
No, if so, then I would say “the” characteristic is an optimal combination of suitable characteristics, as well as having many friends and contacts.

What does your heart beat for – besides job and Software Campus?
Rock climbing gives me a lot of strength and is one of the best ways to “clear my head”. If I can even combine it with travelling, it is ideal.