Hristina Radak

Who are You and what do You do? With whom are you collaborating with?

I am Hristina Radak, 28, a Ph.D. student at the Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Network at TU Dresden. In my research, I am working on signal processing and optimization for real-time human motion tracking, with a focus on human-machine interaction. My industry partner is Stahl-Holding-Saar.

Since when are You a participant at Software Campus and why do you attend this program?

I have been at Software Campus since 2023. To me, this program is an opportunity to connect with industry partners and to implement my project ideas and scientific insights into reality. Through a range of further vocational training, I would like to acquire skills in the field of personnel and project management to widen my horizons. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in the Software Campus because it gives me the opportunity to guide and motivate other scientists to create innovations from a project idea through close collaboration and cooperation.

What is your IT-Project about – core topic – and how could it be used on a long run?

The increasing use of digital products in different fields like industry, medicine, sport, and household creates a new demand for intuitive, as well as ergonomic input devices. In this project, we engage with a new revolutionary step towards data input in information processing systems of the digital world. Instead of modifying the usual input devices – like keyboard and mouse – or creating new ones, we we are pursuing the goal of fundamentally changing the concept of information input.

Which app/technical invention is more than essential to you?

Messaging Apps – They allow me to stay in touch with my family and friends.

Next to your job and Software Campus, what makes your heart beat faster?

I am deeply passionate about teaching at the university level, and it holds a special place in my heart. The opportunity to transfer my knowledge to the next generation of engineers is both a privilege and a responsibility that I hold with great enthusiasm.


Source language of this interview: German