Stefan Buchner

Who are You and what do You do? With whom are you collaborating (Partner)?

My name is Stefan Buchner, and I am a doctoral candidate in computer science at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. My dissertation as well as the Software Campus Project are about the measurement and evaluation of software development—especially Inner-Source—to enhance the business process within a company. I do collaborate with IAV, which is my project partner.

Since when are You a participant at Software Campus and why do you attend this program?

On 01 January 2023 I started my program at Software Campus. I’m attending this program for two specific reasons: implementing a specific type of software, which I developed during my dissertation, into practice, as well as managing a project through my personal leadership.

What do You expect from Software Campus?

Thanks to Software Campus, I do have the opportunity to delegate my own project while being responsible for it. So far, those practice-related and practical seminars have been more than useful in my work life.

What is your IT-Project about – core topic – and how could it be used on a long run?

Modern software development within a company is globally spread across many different countries and organizations. Well-established business processes, especially in management and accounting, are not yet adjusted to such cross-boundary collaboration. Moreover, appropriate taxation of IP flows across legal and organizational boundaries cannot be guaranteed. The aim of this project is to quantify a wide range of development data within a company.
By doing so, a wide variety of planning, development, and decision-making processes can be improved.

In Your opinion, is there a specific’ character trait which a high-level Manager should be fond of to be successful?

Being able to actively listen and establishing a way to sense the employee’s needs. Still, by the end of the day, it is not just a specific character trait but a set of different traits that makes someone a high-level manager.

Imagine the following scenario: There is an internet breakdown for a whole month. What would you do?

There is nothing easier than answering this question. I would spend more time with people I do care about—family and friends—but also take the chance to play the piano, do scale modeling, or simply read a book.


Source language of this interview: German