Peter Sossalla

Who are you and what do you do? Who are your partners?
I am Peter and work as a PhD student at the TU Dresden at the Chair of Communication Networks. My research topic is the offloading of computationally intensive processes from mobile systems to edge clouds. My industry partner is Volkswagen.

How long have you been with Software Campus and why are you in the program?
I joined the program on Jan. 1, 2022. I hope to gain new insights and preparation for possible leadership responsibilities later on.

What do you expect from Software Campus?
To complete an exciting project, which could be the foundation for future products.

What is the content of your IT project and how could it be applied in the future?
We are developing algorithms and a software framework which enables the outsourcing of the localization of mobile robots. The application area is a factory environment. The offloading can reduce the energy consumption on the mobile device and thus increase the range.

Do you have any funny/exciting/surprising/memories associated with computer science? What fascinates you about computer science?
When I was in school, I developed a game where you could play poker with friends via LAN. This included a virtual opponent.

What app/technical invention could you not live without?
The app of the public transport operator.

Is there a personality from computer science or management that really impresses you?
Angela Bassa

Is there “the” characteristic that you think a top manager must have today in order to be successful?
Empathy, oversight, presence and efficiency

What has been the biggest challenge you have had to face so far in your IT career?
Bringing together scientific innovation and business cases.

Imagine: Internet breakdown for 1 month – what do you do?
Reading train timetables.

What is your heart beating for – besides job and software campus?
Swimming, traveling.

If you could reach all people with one sentence, what would you tell the world?
We are all in the same boat. 🙂 🙂