Steffen Schnitzer

When did you attend Software Campus and who were your partners?

I worked on my Software Campus project from March 2016 to the end of 2017 with my partners from the TU Darmstadt and the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group as well as their company

What was the content of your IT project and how can it be applied in the future?

In my IT project, the requirements for an intragroup crowdsourcing platform were formulated. Based on this, such a prototype platform was developed with a focus on suitable recommendation systems. In the future, intragroup crowdsourcing platforms can help to make resources available within a company and to create a more transparent work culture.

What did you like most about Software Campus?

The possibility to broaden my horizon on many levels at the same time. Gaining experiences in leadership, getting to know industry partners, the personal mentoring and the contacts I was able to make are some of my highlights.

What was the biggest challenge you had to face in your IT career so far?

Doing my PhD and maintaining the motivation you need in order to consistently work on self-imposed goals.

What fascinates you about computer science?

Computer science as the basis of every modern technology offers an almost infinite space for creativity. The possibilities that arise when computers can completely understand a human language, for example, are a great inspiration to me.

Do you have funny/exciting/surprising/memories that connect you to computer science?

When my father had written me a learning program for the small multiplication table on the computer, I was so enthusiastic about it that I really wanted to create a quiz myself. That way I was able to gain my first programming experiences with BASIC in primary school. This continued until, for example, I programmed Snake for our calculator in French class.

Imagine that: Internet breakdown for 1 month – what do you do?

As a data scientist there is little to do. But camping holidays with a tent and campfire are more fun without the internet anyway.

Do you think there is such a thing as “the one” quality that a top executive must possess today in order to be successful?

Empathy. Without it, motivation and successful leadership of employees is impossible.

What’s your passion – besides your job and Software Campus?

People. Especially those who are close to me. And the experiences you can share with them in this world, when travelling, in sports or simply in everyday life.

Which technical invention will be indispensable in the future?

In addition to the great progress that further development of AI will bring, in my opinion “Augmented Reality” will most likely change our everyday lives.

With AR ‘glasses’ and the corresponding gesture recognition, we will no longer need screens and keyboards in the future. Today’s typical office routine will look completely different. AR in everyday use should easily replace televisions and smartphones. And if AR is omnipresent, you won’t need any wallpaper anymore, or you could have a different one every day.