Edoardo Mosca

Who are you and what do you do? Who are your partners?
I am Edoardo, a Ph.D. student in computer science at the TU München. I am thrilled to be accepted as a project leader in the Software Campus program and work together with the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group.

How long have you been with Software Campus and why are you in the program?
I believe this is the ideal program to grow both personally and professionally as an IT leader. My project started last January and it will be a great opportunity to test if my ideas and technical knowledge are worth having a larger impact.

What do you expect from Software Campus?
Software Campus has been definitely matching my (high) expectations so far. I am really excited about meeting like-minded people that actually care about dedicating their vision, experience, and time to the scientific and technical progress. I also expect the trainings and program events to be fruitful in letting us become proficient yet human leaders in the (unfortunately not always friendly) IT world.

What is the content of your IT project and how could it be applied in the future?
My project revolves around the interaction between people and AI systems. We are building an interface that can provide users and developers with explanations about a specific model decision/prediction and allows them to provide feedback to the system. I believe that such a framework can put people back in charge and in control of decision-making systems. I hope my idea and work contribute to the larger and more meaningful adoption of AI technologies in societal and industrial processes.

Do you have any funny/exciting/surprising/memories associated with computer science? What fascinates you about computer science?
Computer science is that field where what we thought was impossible six months ago is now working, widely spread, and is almost not considered innovative anymore.

What app/technical invention could you not live without?
That has to be copy-paste, the true humble hero of the IT world.

Is there “the” characteristic that you think a top manager must have today in order to be successful?
Empathic and flexible. You should be a good person first of all: listen to your peers, talk to them as equals, and care about how they are doing. Be also ready to leave the path prescribed by the initial plan, things often do not go your way.

Imagine: Internet breakdown for 1 month – what do you do?
That sounds very fascinating and scary at the same time. A great opportunity to be present in the offline world with people and activities we love but have neglected recently.

What is your heart beating for – besides job and software campus?
Good question! My Italian heart beats for pasta, adventures, and the people I meet on my way.

If you could reach all people with one sentence, what would you tell the world?
Love people and use things, because the opposite never works.