Stephanie Ferreira

Who are you and what do you do? With whom are you collaborating (Partner)?

I am Stephanie Ferreira, and since 2021 I’ve been working at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research in the department of Interactive Engineering Technologies as a research assistant. I do research on numerical algorithms for the simulation of assemblies, particularly the simulation of contact. The industry partner for my Software Campus project is Grundfos.

Since when are You a participant at Software Campus and why do you attend this program?

My Software Campus project started at the beginning of 2023. Next to the funding of my research project, I hope that thanks to the Software Campus, I will have access to valuable insights into possible implementation scenarios for my research through the exchange with the industry partner. Additionally, I consider the Software Campus a unique opportunity to not only develop professionally but also personally.

What is your IT-Project about – core topic – and how could it be used in the long run?

In my Software Campus project (GPU-accelerated optimization with constraints for structural analysis), I am looking at the structural simulation of modules under secondary conditions, such as contact. The aim is to enable the efficient simulation of contact. The focus is particularly on the efficient solution of quadratic programs, as they occur in contact simulation. To make this possible, numerical algorithms and data structures are being further developed to enable efficient performance on the graphic processing unit (GPU) and thus short simulation times.

With this research project, it shall be ensured that in future the performance of (contact) simulations shall no longer be a bottle-neck in processes. For example, in the development of new components, fast (interactive) simulation allows shorter design cycles.


Source language of this interview: German