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New on “Eco-Tech: Decoding IT’s impact on a sustainable future”

Discover, how information technology can help shape a sustainable future! We have produced a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which combines scientific precision with accessible insight offers a deep dive into the nexus of technology and environmental, economical and social sustainability. From the basics of climate science over sustainable business models to the advanced applications of green computing and artificial intelligence, we explore the wide range of challenges and opportunities that IT brings to the fight against climate change. For this, we have invited nine experts to share their diverse perspectives – both from our Software Campus partner network and beyond.

The course is aimed at a wide range of learners: our Software Campus participants and (future) IT PhD students who want to deepen their understanding of sustainable technologies. However, those with a general interest who have no prior knowledge and are curious about the role of technology in sustainability are also welcome. The course is open and free for everyone.


You will learn:

  • You understand the fundamental relationship between IT and environmental sustainability
  • You will gain insights into green computing, sustainable design and the role of AI in environmental solutions.
  • You will analyze practical examples of companies that integrate sustainability into their ethos.
  • You work together with other learners on a mission to apply what you have learned in a practical and effective way.

Eco-Tech: Decoding IT’s impact on a sustainable future

3h 45 min. (+2h additional optional material)


English and German

Free of charge participation

Free of charge certificate


Concept & production

Course content

Setting the Scene: A brief overview
  • What are we working towards?
  • Your Quickstart Guide
  • Course content
First basics with our experts: Brief Insights to Encourage Exploration
  • Series 1: Fundamentals and practices of green technology
  • Series 2: Sustainability in practice and challenges
  • Serie 3: Artificial intelligence and its role in the ecological transformation
  • Serie 4: Future technologies and their potential
Climate chaos: Fix It or Flee?
  • IT technologies and the climate crisis: What Contribution Can They Make?
  • Setting a new course: Empowering Europe’s Tech Talent and Sovereignty
  • Shaping a greener future: Skills for Sustainable IT Development
  • DEEP DIVE Ina Schieferdecker: Mastering the Twin Transformation: Digitalization and Sustainability
  • DEEP DIVE Marcus Ertelt: From Footprint to Handprint: Transforming IT’s Eco-Impact
Green Bytes: Computing Without Killing the Planet
  • A global call for responsibility: Shaping Tomorrow’s Legacy
  • Decarbonization in the IT sector: Challenges and Opportunities
  • DEEP DIVE Julian Gommlich: Sustainability by Design: The A to Z of Green Software
  • DEEP DIVE Joakim von Kistowski: Eco-Servers: Navigating the Maze of Cloud and Hardware Sustainability
Charting the Uncharted: A Deep Dive into Green Design
  • The physics of eco-technology: Navigating Complexity for a Sustainable Digital Future
  • Predicting the future of climate: Regional Precision and the Bounds of Time
  • A glimpse into the future: the challenges of fusion technology
  • DEEP DIVE Antonia Schmalz: Green Computing: Shaping the Future with Energy-Efficient Technologies
  • DEEP DIVE Niklas Boers: Tipping Points Ahead: Hybrid Modeling of Earth System Dynamics
Smart Power, Green Tech: The AI-Future is Now?
  • Why Are We Here? Dialing in on the True Cost of Digital Progress.
  • Developing sustainable AI: Key Considerations for a Greener Future
  • DEEP DIVE Friederike Rohde: SustAInability index
  • TAKE ACTION: Let’s talk about your vision
Profit With a Purpose: The New Business Ethos
  • The Green Dilemma: Cutting Through the Noise of Greenwashing
  • From the idea to sustainability: Crafting Innovative Business Models
  • Sustainability analysis: Surprises and Recommendations from SDG Dashboard Findings
  • DEEP DIVE Florian Lüdeke-Freund: Sustainable Business Model Design
  • DEEP DIVE Charlott Jakob: Eco-Analytics: From Sustainable Reports to SDGs
Your Collective Mission
  • Climate neutrality – Options for an ambitious course setting and implementation
What's next?
  • Innovations with a future: Inventions with Potential
  • Optimise your CO2 balance: Recommendations for IT-Based Companies

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