DLR Projektträger

DLR Project Management Agency is one of the largest project management organizations in Germany and has been managing the Software Campus on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since it was founded in 2011. This includes the management and accompanying research of EIT ICT Labs Germany GmbH as well as the micro-projects of the participants, planed in cooperation with the individual industry partners and funded by BMBF.

DLR Project Management Agency supports the participants in familiarizing themselves with the requirements of public funding and thus the management of a research project. The support reaches from the beginning of the application to the end of the research project with regard to content-related work and reporting.

Teams of scientific advisors and funding managers accompany the participants throughout the entire course of the project in terms of content and administration. During the annual kick-off meeting, they explain the initial steps for approving/applying for funding with the help of an individual project proposal. Reviewing the progress report, they check whether the participant’s self-imposed goals have been achieved and, if necessary, support them in getting back on track or focusing. There is also an annual check of the utilization of the funding. Once the micro-project has been completed, DLR Project Management Agency reviews its success on the basis of an individual final report. Thereby, the focus is set on the experience and progress made by the participants managing a research project; the realization of the individual research objectives drop slightly back in the evaluation.

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F.l.t.r. sitting: Dr. Jens Totz, Stephanie Granzow, Michaela Kling-Berisha, Holger Konle. Standing: Claudia Seybold, Maren Dietrich, Jeanine Wienert. © Juliane Lukas

Scientific advisors

Holger Konle

takes care of participants of TU Berlin, TU München, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg as well as the individual projects

Tel.: +49 30 67055 766

Dr. Jens Totz

takes care of participants of TU Dresden, KIT as well as DFKI

Tel. +49 30 67055 735

Maren Dietrich

takes care of participants of TU Darmstadt, Universität Stuttgart as well as Fraunhofer institutes

Tel. +49 30 67055 8102

Funding managers

Stephanie Granzow

takes care of participants of Fraunhofer institutes, KIT as well as individual projects

Tel.: +49 30 67055 8082

Michaela Kling-Berisha

takes care of participants of DFKI and FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Tel. +49 30 67055 8047

Claudia Seybold

takes care of participants of TU Berlin, TU Dresden as well as Universität Stuttgart

Tel. +49 30 67055 175

Jeanine Wienert

takes care of participants of TU Darmstadt and TU München

Tel. +49 30 67055 744