Marco Huber

Who are You and what do You do? With whom are you collaborating (Partner)?

My name is Marco Huber and I am a research assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD in Darmstadt and a
Ph. D. student at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Due to my work, I am a part of the National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity (ATHENE). My core research interests are in the fields of biometrics, machine learning and explaining and reassuring the understanding of machine learning models. My Software Campus Project is all about making biometric, security-critical models more understandable and therefore more reliable. I do collaborate with Fraunhofer IUK as research partner and Software AG as industry partner.

What do You expect from Software Campus?

By attending the Software Campus, in addition to making experiences within the field of management and leadership, I do hope to intercommunicate with other participants, colleagues, and representatives of their industry partners and to attend interesting and informative trainings thanks to those partners.

In Your opinion, is there a specific’ character trait which a high-level Manager should be fond of to be successful?

In my opinion there are several traits to have good and successful management, but by taking into consideration the time we do live in, one of the most important characters traits is adaptability. Especially in companies that specialize in technology and computer science. By that I do not only talk about the adaptability regarding the market’s demand but also about new technologies and developments, people and employees, and societal change.

Do you have some funny/exciting/surprising Memories linked with computer science? What exactly does inspire and fascinates you about computer science?

When I handed in my master thesis in 2021 in the field of AI-based Face Recognition I noticed that none of the quoted works within my thesis was published before 2014. That means, when I did start my first semester of studies it would not have been possible to write my master thesis with the same topic. This realization fascinated me and it showed me how fast technical progress is taking place in computer science.

Imagine the following scenario: There is an internet breakdown for a whole month. What would you do?

Taking the time to read a good book.


Source language of this interview: German