Fabian Bendun

Who are you and what do you do? Who are your partners?

My name is Fabian Bendun and I am doing my doctorate in IT Security at the Center for IT-Security Privacy and Accountability (CISPA) At Software Campus I cooperate with the Scheer Group.

How long have you been with Software Campus and why are you in the program?

I joined the program in November 2013. My main motivation to apply was curiosity. I asked myself: “What challenges does the industry have to offer me?”

What do you expect from Software Campus?

I have already attended several executive trainings. These have not only provided me with new knowledge, but also with experiences that have taught me a lot about myself. I hope that more of these experiences will follow and that the resulting contact with industry partners will provide me with clear options for my career.

What is it that fascinates you about computer science?

Computer science has many fascinating aspects. What impresses me most at this point is the omnipresence in today’s society. From the alarm clock in the morning to the relaxed listening to music in the evening, everything is linked to information systems.

What did you like most about Software Campus so far?

So far, I liked the support and interaction with my industrial partner, the Scheer Group, best. Here I am offered many opportunities to improve my skills. The short distances to the university campus also help significantly.

In your opinion, what skills do top executives need to have today in order to be successful?

A top executive must be a role model for their employees and stand up for them. Above all, this means that they are true to themselves and to what they say. Only then can employees develop the loyalty and cohesion necessary to implement the best innovations.

What’s your passion – besides your job and Software Campus?

To compensate I do as much sport as time allows. My passion here is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The training is probably so much fun because there is a great team spirit here and everyone helps everyone; it is a team you can only wish for as a leader.

What was the biggest challenge you had to face in your IT career so far?

That was definitely the transition from studies to doctorate. The difficulty here was not so much the growing complexity of the tasks, but more the freedom to look for problems and manage them yourself. Overcoming this hurdle has pushed me a long way not only professionally but also personally.