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Volkswagen Group is one of the leading manufacturers of automobiles worldwide and the largest car manufacturer in Europe. With our brands, we want to shape an environmentally conscious and autonomous future of mobility. An essential aspect of this is the development of software for digital services and mobility solutions. Our research and development department, as well as Group IT, along with the subsidiaries of the Volkswagen Group, collectively serve as drivers and backbone of the digital transformation towards a software-driven mobility provider. 15,000 experts worldwide are working on digital solutions and future technologies.

To meet the requirements of the upcoming years, Volkswagen Group is restructuring towards a more efficient New Product Organization (NPO). Experts from various fields collaborate in an agile manner within a product-oriented organization. Due to a connected working environment, contribution can be made from various locations throughout Germany.

“What I like most about the New Product Organization (NPO) is that Business and IT become one team. As in football, each player in this team has a specific role, their unique strengths and gifts. Combining these qualities is what makes us win. Performance, efficiency and innovation – The NPO will become a true powerhouse, generating tangible business impact.” Quotation by Oliver Blume (CEO Volkswagen Group)

Why is Volkswagen a partner of the Software Campus?

Within the framework of this collaboration, Volkswagen Group aims to support the education of IT leadership talent through application-oriented research questions in the automotive industry, involving subject matter experts and talent leads as part of the mentoring program in Germany. Talented doctoral candidates can familiarize themselves with the working environment of the New Product Organization, alongside other departments of the Volkswagen Group, during a two-year period of research in an application-oriented industrial project. Our subject matter experts and our HR recruiting team look forward to engaging with IT talents and their research institutions on application-oriented innovations and agile practices in software development.

Who are we looking for?

Volkswagen is seeking dedicated candidates who want to contribute their skills and ideas to the development of cutting-edge software solutions. We not only offer challenging tasks but also provide an inspiring work environment where innovation and creativity are encouraged. Our organization offers diverse perspectives for IT talent, presenting a unique combination of traditional automotive production and state-of-the-art software development. Volkswagen provides an inspiring setting for doctoral candidates who aspire to shape the future of mobility.

Welcome to the Software Campus!

Research Areas

Machine Learning

Generative AI

Explainable AI/ responsible AI

Natural Language Processing


Operations research

Factory BIM

Quantum Technology


Application Areas

Autonomous Driving

Computer Vision

IT Security

Production & Logistics

Application development for production and vehicles

Planning and construction of factories

Energy management

Driver assist systems

So far, the following projects have been realised in cooperation with Volkswagen

Career Contact

Jana Benkenstein | Product Owner IT Recruiting

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