The new class in collaboration at the VHB Writers Workshop 2021

This year’s round of the Writers Workshop provided eight participants of the new class with an enriching exchange on their project descriptions (Vorhabensbeschreibung: VHB) for the Projektträger. The project descriptions are the essential instrument to unlock the funds and finally to launch the new projects; a coherent and well presented VHB thus also means a straightforward project launch. To help our participants take this step towards the starting line, we have been offering the VHB Writers Workshop since 2020.

Feedback is a giving and taking
According to the principle of reciprocity, each participant spends time and effort in advance to read a selected VHB chapter of their colleagues with a critical eye and in return receives valuable feedback on their own VHB. The feedback sessions are structured in a strictly time and content-based sequence, so that it is guaranteed that everyone gives and receives positive feedback as well as constructive criticism in equal measure.

The project proposals are examined from all angles
The exchange in the respective sessions is all-encompassing: from formatting to typos to argumentation structures, technical terms and stumbling blocks in logical stringency – no letter goes unnoticed. Participants leave the workshop with pages of feedback on their VHB, taking away valuable inspiration from both their own and the sessions on other VHBs.

Many thanks to the energetic participants of both workshop groups!


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