Introducing our new class of 2021

Let the games begin: the 49 participants of the class of 2021 have been selected and are ready to start the program. On 07.07.2021 they were welcomed at the virtual kickoff in the Software Campus. In order to capture the moment in a group picture despite the geographical distance, they worked collaboratively with a digital whiteboard – who needs self-timers anymore? Networking and information transfer also took place smoothly thanks to breakout rooms and screen sharing. Program director Stefan Jazdzejewski, representatives of the Projektträger and the alumni association briefed the new starters on all aspects of administrative procedures, applications, etc., so that nothing stands in the way of the projects starting soon.

Thus, all that remains for us to say for the time being is: Welcome, we are happy about the numerous new faces in the program and are looking forward to their research spirit!


Research locations of the participants:

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