Graduate Patrick Holl founds Datahub Startup Fusionbase

There is another founder among the Software Campus graduates: Patrick Holl, a participant of TU Munich and DATEV eG, founded the start-up Fusionbase, a data hub for external data, a few months ago.

The startup offers a solution for the so far difficult integration of external data into company systems. Especially for analyses and AI applications, internal company data is often not sufficient. In order to fill these data gaps, data from external sources such as Open Data is often used. The creation of a model for risk assessment of properties or suppliers is one example.

“In most cases, the data preparation is made for people, not for machine processing,” says Patrick Holl. Often the data points are missing to make analyses. Also, the common provision of data on an annual basis means high maintenance and adjustment effort on the part of the companies.

Fusionbase collects and consolidates such data and makes it available via API or export file. The database always remains up-to-date, which is particularly interesting for dynamic data – such as the current COVID-19 infection figures. The newspaper Münchner Merkur publishes these on the basis of a Fusionbase interface and is as a result more up-to-date than the Robert Koch Institute. Another major customer of Fusionbase is the car manufacturer BMW, the project will start soon. “Our vision is to build a global data hub and become the key provider for external data,” says Patrick.

In his PhD thesis he researched the basics for this and has shed light on the data enrichment of internal data through open, external data in his Software Campus project “MIDAS”. As a use case, he built a prototype for the location evaluation of small companies together with his cooperation partner DATEV. His current co-founder, Kevin Goßling, has already participated in the Software Campus project as an assistant researcher.

The two founders are supported by the federal funding programme EXIST, the Bavarian funding programme Start?Zuschuss! and the Media Lab Bayern, where they have found office space, among other things. A further member of staff is expected to join the team by the end of 2020.

More information about Fusionbase.

Picture © Fusionbase

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