Grundfos becomes a partner in Software Campus – shaping the world sustainably together.

The Software Campus partner network continues to grow. In the current application phase, Grundfos joins the program and is looking forward to accommodating program participants for the first time.

Technology enables sustainability
Grundfos has innovation strongly embedded in its DNA. The company is used to explore paths that have not been travelled before, also when it comes to technology. It believes that technology is a prerequisite to solve the world’s water and climate challenges and improve the quality of life for people. It is the purpose of the company and the reason why people want to work here. In 2021, four main goals were defined: #1 Save Energy, #2 Save Water, #3 embedding circular principles and #4 provide access to Water. These ambitions directly reflect upon the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6 and 13.

The 1,200 employees of the global technology department work on customer centric product development, technology-driven innovation, digital development, advanced manufacturing technology and in Future Labs to explore incremental, evolutionary and radical innovation opportunities.

“We are excited about the opportunity to guest and work together with talented students and while this is a first time for us together with the Software Campus, we have a proud history of engaging in student programs worldwide”, says Henrik Ørskov Pedersen, Group VP, Head of Technology Innovation. “Personally, I’m looking forward to meet people who bring fresh ideas, challenge us in our beliefs and, together, improve our technology and our solutions to deliver upon our purpose.”

Henrik Ørskov Pedersen, Group VP, Head of Technology Innovation, Grundfos

Current research topics within Software Campus
Current research topics at Grundfos include AI/ML-based cloud analytics, administrative robots and embedded intelligence/AI. Applicants can find out more here.

New training: Innovation through customer orientation
Grundfos focuses on users with “How Customer Centricity drives innovation” and thus expands the trainings offered at the Software Campus. Participants learn how to analyze the feasibility of innovations with regards to customer needs. This is done using theoretical principles, clear examples of Grundfos innovation processes, and exercises with their own ideas.

We are looking forward to numerous and exciting projects with our Danish neighbors.

Welcome to Software Campus!

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