Alumnus Felix Beierle as Postdoc in Tokyo with the German Academic Exchange Service

From Berlin to Tokyo

After receiving the PhD from Technische Universität Berlin, since mid-2022, the alumnus Dr. Felix Beierle does research at the National Institute of Informatics (NII) with the IFI-Program funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Tokyo. The IFI-Program of DAAD boosts the international mobility of German experts with scholarships; since 2021, there has been a collaboration with the Software Campus.

Application of Artificial Intelligence

Felix researches the application of artificial intelligence in Japan, especially with the focus of health-related topics such as the forecast of the user’s behavior in smartphone apps or the automated detection of stress via sensor data from wearables. In addition to that, as a member of the research group for Natural Language Processing (NLP) topics, he also has the opportunity to research on other relevant topics, such as the summary of scientific articles through large language models (LLM).

Working and Living in Tokyo

In Felix point of view, the atmosphere at NII is very international, and the collaboration with students, other postdocs, and professors brings him joy. He does emphasize that, in addition to the research, there is a lot to experience and discover in Japan and also within “huge” Tokyo.
“After a short stay in 2016, I am more than happy being here again and for a longer period in order to get to know the culture better”, says Felix. Also, next to the city and all those great restaurants, the nature outside of Tokyo invites you to do some hiking or cycling tours.

Support thanks to the IFI-Program

Felix describes that the IFI-Program offers indeed a marvelous condition to do research. “The program makes it possible for me to have the needed time and resources to advance my research, attend conferences, and therefore expand my network in research and industry.”


Here you will find more information about his Software Campus project:

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