Science Slam

Science Slam: A vividly presentation of your research

Scientists on stage to share their knowledge in a time-boxed presentation with the audience. It is similar to a poetry slam, but without lyrics, instead an entertaining scientific presentation. It is a great chance to approach your research from a different angle and learn how to present it in an illustrating way.

Science Slam Session at Software Campus Summit

  • Each participant has 5 minutes to present his/her project
  • VERY Short, entertaining, based on a usecase (real or fictional)
  • In English or German, the way you feel good
  • Everything is allowed (by complying with the house rules), beamer or screen provided
  • Visualization: Keep it simple!
  • There will be a preliminary round (first day) and the final round (main day)
  • The winner is selected by applause of the audience
  • The best pitch will be awarded by ZEISS

Your Audience

  • First round (29.06.) approx. 20-30 persons per room in three parallel tracks: mainly other participants, a few partner representatives
  • Final round (30.06.) approx. 110 people: Participants, partner representatives, BMBF, DLR Projektträger

Get your own coaching!

We put a professional at your side who has coached many science slammers before: Ingo Nordmann. You will learn how to create your science slam and how to present it in your own natural way:

  • A virtual 2 hour kickoff session with an introducation, impulses and advice on how to approach your science slam presentation
  • A personal, virtual 30 min coaching session to finetune your science slam presentation

Need some inspiration?

Möchten Sie vielleicht Pommes zu den Pommes?  or Was hat die Kartonkatze mit Informatik zu tun? or many more here and here.

Foto: Science Slam winner Stefan Röhrl at the Software Campus Summit in 2022 © Matthias Merz