SARA: Safety-Aware Relocation of functions in a multi-core computer Architecture

Name of the participant: Behnaz Ranjbar

Description of the IT-research project: A wide range of embedded multi-core systems found in the automotive and avionics industries are evolving into Mixed-Criticality (MC) systems to meet cost, space, timing, and power consumption requirements. Escalating power densities have led to thermal issues, thereby leading to safety and reliability concerns for these systems. In this project, the timing and power requirements of the MC systems at both design- and run-time will be analyzed to ensure no thermal emergencies occur in the system. In addition, the thermal management of multi-core mixed-criticality systems will be studied, while the safety and reliability of the systems are guaranteed under any circumstances. Some aspects of the proposed approach are system monitoring from the perspective of temperature, reliability, and real-timeliness at runtime, investigation of hardware aspects of the systems, and issues related to modeling and tool support. In this project, the system-level methods on multi-core processors will be used to enable energy-efficient techniques through system design and also, analysis and optimization of real-time capabilities, power, temperature, safety and reliability with regard to application demands in any situation. The proposed approach can be customized for different safety applications and target platforms. The proposed project will focus on requirements derived from the automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications and evaluate the effectiveness of the approach in these domains.

Software Campus partners: TU Dresden, Huawei

Implementation period: 01.03.2021 – 31.12.2022