S³ – Building Blocks for Security in Industrial IoT

Name of the participant: Tim Lackorzynski

Description of the IT research project: The smart factory is at the heart of the ideas surrounding Industry 4.0. It is not only highly networked internally, but also connected to many external cloud applications on the Internet. However, new factories are rarely built or their machinery is completely replaced. Rather, machines and plants have life cycles of several decades and are therefore subject to a process of gradual replacement and expansion with new components.

It follows that the implementation of Industry 4.0 paradigms can only be achieved by integrating existing machines and infrastructure. Together with the new level of networking, however, this also creates enormous potential for new (and old) IT security threats. In order to counter this growing threat potential, solutions are needed that can be built on top of existing infrastructure and secure it retroactively without limiting functionality.

The goal of this project is therefore a solution that integrates existing machines safely into smart factories. The focus is on functional transparency and easy usability by reducing complexity. The basis is a low cost embedded platform, which acts as a security gateway and can protect network traffic transparently and efficiently. In addition, further important and security-relevant aspects are to be researched, which extend the basic platform in a meaningful way and increase its suitability for practical use.

Software Campus partner: TU Dresden, Software AG

Implementation period: 01/2020 – 12/2021