Executive trainings


Executive trainings

For you to successfully manage your IT research project, the industry partners support you in the training of individual competences and promote your potential. Each participant takes part in six training sessions on one to two days in the areas of leadership, methods as well as social and self-competences.

Trainings from design thinking to storytelling

From a pool of around 15 seminars, each participant selects six training courses, including the following this year:


  • Recruiting for prospective executives
  • Self-management training
  • Innovation management
  • Scrum
  • Design thinking
  • Change management
  • Leadership

Social and self-competences

  • LEGO Serious Play: Team dysfunctions
  • Cultural awareness and decision making
  • Communicating convincingly even with resistance and headwind
  • Welcome on stage
  • Understand yourself and others better


  • New to management – basics for prospective executives
  • Forming and leading high-performance teams
  • People management: Recruiting, interviews, selection of candidates