New networking communities kicked off

Software Campus participants not only benefit from specialised training and funding for their own research project, but also from networking with each other and with companies, our industry partners in the program. A new environment for collaborative exchange and knowledge transfer has been established in the past few months: Communities of Practice (CoPs). Focussed groups were created based on the research fields of our participants in the Software Campus; all individual participants are active in one or more communities of practice. This is where theoretical knowledge meets practical industry perspectives: Participants receive feedback on their research projects as well as information on applications and challenges in their field of research. They meet for events such as specialist talks and project discussions.

Eight topic-based communities were established, as well as a cross-research topic community on entrepreneurship:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Computer Vision
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • Hardware and Systems Engineering
  • Data Science and Analysis
  • Agile and Software Development
  • IoT and Distributed Systems
  • Interdisciplinary Machine Learning

A total of around 80 participants are currently active in the communities – and the number grows with each new class.


Behind the Code: Article series takes a look behind the scenes

The individual CoPs and activities are covered in detail in the new series of articles “Behind the Code”. Participants present their cooperative research projects and explain the challenges they are tackling in the project. Industry partners will also provide insights on the fundamental role of the relevant technologies in their products and services.

In the first paper of the series “NLP Insights: Unrevealing Innovation in Textual Intelligence”, four researchers from the Technical University of Munich explain what they have achieved so far, what the next steps are and what experience they have gained in managing their project. The cooperation partners Holtzbrinck and DATEV provide insights into the importance of NLP in their vision.

An insight into the paper and further information on all Communities of Practice can be found here.

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