New MOOC: „Eco-Tech: Decoding IT’s impact on a sustainable future”

What contribution can technologies make to tackling the climate crisis? We are exploring this question in a newly produced online course (MOOC), which is available since April 2024 at 9 experts from various fields provide insights into the connections between technology and ecological, economic, and social sustainability in contextual interviews, and scientific lectures. With the perspective of their different scientific backgrounds – from computer science to technical sociology and earth system modelling to sustainable corporate management – they comment on keywords such as the circular economy, responsibility, inventions with potential, hope and dealing with complexity. They also share very practical tips on green IT and categorise new technologies.

In the spirit of lifelong learning, the course is aimed at a broad spectrum of learners, especially computer science PhD. students who want to deepen their understanding of sustainable technologies. But also, generally interested people who are curious about the role of technology in sustainability are welcome. The course is open and free for everyone, and available in German and English.

More information on the contributing experts and course content here.

Click here to go directly to the online course on the iversity learning platform:

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