Matthias Budde at ACE 2016 in Osaka

In cooperation with his partners, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Siemens AG, diploma computer scientist Matthias Budde deals with environmental measurements in his software campus research project “FeinPhone“. Here he wants to create the possibility to measure fine dust with the help of the smartphone camera. For this, in addition to an appropriate sensor attachment to enable light scattering measurement with the camera, a suitable Android application is developed in order to investigate suitable algorithms and the requirements for “everybody environmental measurements”.

In November of this year, Matthias presented a paper on his microproject at the 13th „International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology“ (ACE2016).

The ACE2016 conference, hosted by Japan this year, always follows the leitmotif “Open up the world of entertainment computing research” and, building on this, has set the goal of disseminating innovative research results in the field of “entertainment computing” as a leading scientific forum. Although still quite young, this fast-growing field of research covers a broad spectrum in areas such as computer science, sociology, and marketing.

The article by Matthias Budde and his co-authors deals with the question of if and how environmental measurements with smartphones can be embedded in game environments and with which game mechanisms this would be possible.

In May of this year, he already published a paper with Jan-Frederic Markert, who is now one of the Software Campus alumni, for the Software Campus research project „ANKSeK “. The paper received a “Best Note” nomination at the conference and the authors were invited to submit an extended version in a “Special Issue” issue of a journal, which is currently under review.

Another potential release in the Software Campus “Feinphone” is also in review: Following the conference „DUST 2016“ Matthias Budde and his colleagues submitted an article on his conference talk in June.

Update January 2017: publication of the article on DUST 2016


Further information:

Jan-Frederic Markert, Matthias Budde, Georg Schindler, Markus Klug, Michael Beigl(2016) Private Rendezvous-based Calibration of Low-Cost Sensors for Participatory Environmental Sensing, 2nd EAI International Conference on IoT in Urban Space (UrbIoT’16), Best Note Nominee

Matthias Budde, Rikard Öxler, Michael Beigl, Jussi Holopainen(2016) Sensified Gaming ­ Design Patterns and Game Design Elements for Gameful Environmental Sensing, 13th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE2016).pdf

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