IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award for Christian Stab

Software Campus participant Christian Stab does research at TU Darmstadt in the field of ubiquitous knowledge processing. At Software Campus he collaborates with the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group to realize his IT research project “Intelligent Assistance for Argumentative Writing”. In the course of the project new technologies for intelligent writing assistance are developed. Such an assistance system automatically generates feedback on argumentative texts and thus encourages students to revise argumentation structures. For this purpose, new language technologies are developed which automatically recognize the components and structures of arguments in text documents and assess the quality of the arguments.

That way, for example, it can be analyzed at the push of a button whether the arguments in an essay are sufficiently justified, whether relevant counterarguments are taken into account and whether the formal structure is correct. The new methods are not only relevant for intelligent writing aids, but also for innovative applications in the areas of information retrieval, computer-aided text analysis and debating technologies.

IBM has now awarded the work with the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award. The worldwide program honors graduate students for their problem-solving efforts that enable innovation in academic disciplines and research areas relevant to IBM. As part of the award, Christian will be supported by a mentor and will also gain insight into IBM’s local practice. He already knows his mentor: Carlos Alzate does research at IBM’s Smarter Cities Technology Center in Dublin, Ireland.

We congratulate him and wish him an exciting exchange with IBM!

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